Mock Draft: Washington Redskins - The DC Sports Page - and more news part 3

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Offensive Line:

It's been well documented in articles in the area that the offensive line is thirty and over. Recently the line has had several injuries freak or otherwise. Redskin's fans need look no further than the days before Jansen and Samuels when Elewonibi and Pourdanish were starting OL.

Kendall filled in nicely to replace Dockery with more steady play, but the line could use a younger more athletic player along the line. For much of the 80's the offensive line was the trademark of play in Washington. Ensuring that the line doesn't fall apart all at once is a primary area of concern. Adding some solid young depth would be welcomed.

Potential Candidates:

Most of the top tackles will be off the board as they are in our mock draft, but a player who is on the rise (as reported on many web sites) and highly touted is Brenden Albert a Guard from UVA. He also has the versatility to play tackle in the NFL in some minds. He would be an ideal replacement for Kendall and push back the veteran to create better depth at the position. Samuels has broken in countless players at guard. It would be wise for the Skins to move Thomas, possibly the best run pulling lineman, next to Samuels to create a better balance along the line for running plays and Albert next to Jansen. Filling the rest of the line with other drafted and undrafted rookies, free agents, and current players would create better depth at the position with Heyer being the only real lock.

Solidifying the offensive line for future years is essential to defining and creating a successful and winning team. It's the gaping holes for a RB and wall in front of the QB that allow an offense to run smoothly. It's not the glamorous and flashy pick, but it's difficult to win if no one does the dirty work necessary for a team to win. It's these players that allow the skill players to shine. For more info, please visit  seo hosting services

21st Pick: Brenden Albert, OG Virginia.

The pick really came down to Mayo and Albert. Ideally if the Skins would be able to procure three linemen (two on one side of the ball and one on the other side of the ball) and either a WR or CB with their four picks in the first three rounds they would fills some glaring needs. It wouldn't be a surprise to this blogger if the Skins traded up in the second round using the compensatory draft pick or even draft a QB in the first few rounds. There's a lot of speculation about what the Skins will do, but can anyone really predict what Dan Snyder will do?