Mock Draft: Washington Redskins - The DC Sports Page - part 2 new and amaizing news

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Wide Receiver:

The team lacks a big strong go over the middle receiver to enable Moss and Randel El to do what they do best and make plays down the field. This year's crop of receivers lacks the elite receiver like Calvin Johnson. Receivers take time to develop and usually it's three years before the good ones shine. Drafting a receiver is a flashy and often risky pick when seo experts miami players are asked to step in and produce immediately when the success rate is often low. The two starting receivers were plucked in free agency from other teams. This should say something about filling the position.

Potential Candidates:

The top listed receivers that could be available include Limas Sweed, DeSean Jackson, and Malcolm Kelly. It will be hard for the Skins to go against the sexy and flashy historical propensity to make a splash in every facet of player personnel moves and go with a position that can play now and in the future.

Defensive Backs:

The Redskins could use another cover corner since Springs is getting older and has had some injuries the past couple of seasons. Rogers may not be ready to start the season and is a better zone corner than cover corner. The loss of Taylor also hurts the Skins. Drafting a safety to replace Taylor ultimately doesn't help improve the team as a whole because there isn't another Taylor available in the draft.

Potential Candidates:

Kenny Phillips (S, Miami) and Brandon Flowers (CB, Va Tech) may both be available when the Skins pick. The top corners will most likely already be off the board as they are in this mock draft.

Inside Line Backer:

With Fletcher approaching his mid 30's, Rocky recovering from surgery, and the most under rated LB in the NFL Washington suffering some nagging injuries, the Redskins need to bolster their LB position.

Potential Candidate:

Jerod Mayo would be an excellent addition to the defense as he can play both the inside and middle line backer positions. His combination of speed and strength would provide a coach's dream with regard to schemes as it relates to Mayo's versatility.