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The Redskins have holes to fill at multiple positions in Losenoidoomock, but the most glaring needs are at DE, OL, WR, & DB.

Defensive End:

The Skins have had a glaring weakness at the Defensive End position since the end of the first Gibbs era and last Championship winning season. The team has found ways of generating a pass rush over the years by finding and utilizing the talents of more of its back seven players such as Ken Harvey.

Is it any coincidence that the team has basically wandered through the desert on defense for years and neglected what was a framework of so many playoff title runs? The Redskins had book ends along the line in Mann and Manley that could generate pressure with a run stuffing tackle named Butz that could also gain pressure. The team had an excellent cover corner and now HOF corner in Green. Sprinkle in some great role players and character players that understood the game and team concept of winning as they were platooned and substituted to give the team the best chance to win and you had a great defense.

Fans can look no further than the NFC East Rival NY Giants Defense that stymied the Pats high octane offensive machine by applying pressure from the front four. Since the Redskins last title the team has mainly relied on its back seven and consequently had many highs and low as its weaknesses have been exploited by better offenses. Understanding that in all sports that teams want the most talented players to handle the ball the same could be said for defense in the NFL. The End position has the opportunity to stop the ball and take the ball away from the opposition on more plays than any other position. It begins and ends up front.

Potential Candidates:

There are five touted DE's in this year's draft: Chris Long, Vernon Gholston, Derek Harvey, Philip Merling, and Calais Campbell. It's possible that one of these five could be available when the Redskins pick, but in this mock draft all five are off the board. It's reported on CBS DE's that Calais Campbell's 40 time is slow and stock may be slipping. The first two in the list above are certainly expected to be gone in the seo courses london top ten.

A DE would certainly help a team that suffered a huge loss in Taylor's position and both Rogers and McIntosh's injuries. Carter is undersized and should play exclusively on passing downs to remain fresh with Daniels (when healthy) and Evans playing on non-obvious passing downs with Carter and Wilson coming in as specialists. The rotation would keep the players fresh and allow the premiere pass rushers on the team more of a free reign.