Redskins Draft Recap - The DC Sports Page part 1

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The Redskins drafted three receivers on day one of the draft. Devin Thomas WR Michigan St, Fred Davis TE USC, and Malcolm Kelly WR Oklahoma were all drafted in the 2nd Round after the Skins traded down a round to obtain more picks.

The Redskins then addressed some other areas of concern by drafting Chad Rinehart OG Northern Iowa (3rd Rd), Justin Tryon CB Arizona St (4th Rd), Durant Brooks P Ga Tech (6th Rd), Kareem Moore S Nicholls St (6th Rd), Colt Brennan QB Hawaii (6th Rd), Rob Jackson DE Kansas St (7th Rd), & Christopher Horton S UCLA (7th Rd) were all day two draft choices some of which via trades with Atlanta and St. Louis to improve the quantity of picks or the position.

The Skins acquired the type of receiver they were looking for further down the draft at greater value. Devin Thomas the one year wonder from Michigan St. was regarded as the number one receiver on most rankings and Malcolm Kelly who was also listed as one of the top five receivers that fell back to the Skins in the second round. Kelly had even worked out for the Redskins.

Taking the highest rated players on the board is usually a good thing and any proven model of success that the Redskins adopt would normally be a good thing. Unfortunately for Redskins fans there's always an exception to the rule and in this case it's mostly common sense. The drafting of a TE when there are so many holes to fill on the roster seems almost ludicrous especially when there's already a pro-bowl TE on the roster that the team is heavily invested.

By going back just twenty years, how many TE's have been such a dominating presence are the main reason a team has won a title? I can think of only two such players: Mark Bavaro of the Giants and to a lesser degree Dwight Clark of the 49ers. Some might say Shockey or Gates, but I don't recall Gates bringing a title to SD and the Giants won without Shockey down the stretch of the season due to injury. Besides SD is Tomlinson's team not Gate's. So why draft Fred Davis in the 2nd Round if he's not better then Cooley? Even if TE is a key component in the West coast offense does anyone recall two top TE's on the same team? See more:  tickets phantom of the opera