The DC Sports Page: Redskins Draft Recap - part 2

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The position itself should only be drafted this high when it's the last piece that's been missing to bring home a title. TE's are usually regarded higher than the punter and kicker when it comes to the draft, so why bring someone into camp if they can't even displace the current starter. They may be the best on the board, but when you consider the position itself common sense should dictate otherwise and just let it go. Someone else is getting a quality player, but the Redskins need starters. Drafting Fred Davis can be summed up by quoting Q as Stu, BMT, Q, & I had stopped for dinner at a chain establishment on the way to last year's keeper fantasy football league draft. Q ordered wings and when asked how they were he responded, "thoroughly unsatisfying." The same could be said for this pick in the eyes of many fans. See more: tickets for wicked nyc

The drafting of two top wide receivers seems acceptable when you go with the best player available mentality (especially considering the Skins roster), but not coming away with a starter along the line or secondary in the second round seemed odd to say the least. The drafting of Thomas and Kelly all but spells the end for Thrash and just about every other receiver on the roster other than Moss Randel-El and Mathis. Likewise a few of the rookies can also return kicks which may spell the end of Rock's tenure with the Skins too.

Normally the drafting of punters and kickers is a bad thing unless it's the last ingredient for a championship, but 10 players on special teams are holding their own as a very good unit. The battle for field position has proven costly over the past few years and drafting the highest rated punter on most rankings should help change that situation as should improving the return game with rookies and free agent signings such as Mathis.

Colt Brennan drew the ire of Jaws on ESPN. His mechanics and arm strength have come into question but as many have pointed out his best chance of surviving in the NFL is in a west coast offense.

It appears that there'll be plenty of competition at safety, but very little change may occur along the OL & DL where it's needed most. Kendell filled in adequately last year, but the team would have been better served if Kendell was relegated to a reserve role for quality depth. Alas no changes on the OL have occurred other than the improved health of Jansen and Thomas.

Hopefully the Redskins will be very active over the next week in signing UFA's.